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   We are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors and partners. The world cannot wait for us to do something about climate change. The time is now. Many thanks for your participation in this historic adventure and helping us engage people everywhere to get involved and make a difference.


Hearts In The Ice


   Hearts in the Ice acknowledges the support of the following sponsors in elevating the project to a level that deserves global attention and engagement. We are grateful for your sponsorship and willingness to take the conversation about our changing climate to a higher level.

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In business since 1893, Hurtigruten operates premium exploration voyages to Norway, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Europe, Africa, South America, Central America, Arctic Canada, and Antarctica. These are unique destinations with unmatched, breathtaking beauty and stunning diversity of its wilderness, inhabitants, flora, and fauna. On all of the small ships in our fleet, you will find modern facilities and equipment designed specifically to sail in remote areas.

link to taiga motors

Taiga Motors was founded in 2015 by a group of engineers that believed there shouldn’t exist a compromise between exhilarating powersport pursuits and sacrificing the environment. The result is the world’s first electric snowmobile designed from the ground up that is faster, more reliable, more efficient & better connected to winter.


Assemblin is a complete installation and service partner with operations in Norway, Sweden and Finland. We design, install and maintain technical systems for sanitation, electricity, ventilation and automation. Learn more at  www.assemblin.com

Negotia is a trade union for private sector employees.  We organize professionally in the sectors of service, sales, marketing, IT, administration, organization, laboratories, logistics, accounting and finance. We also offer membership for students and apprentices. We work for good working conditions, rights, equality, inclusion and human rights. Negotia’s purpose is to safeguard and promote members’ professional, political and economic interests.

Polar Latitudes is an Antarctic Tour Operator. Two vessels, the Hebridean Sky & Island Sky, boast a level of comfort and safety unmatched in polar waters. Their world-class team has developed programs for both first-time visitors and those returning for a deeper exploration, and their onboard staff stands ready to fulfill their mission; to create and lead superior polar expedition Cruises. Bi-monthly broadcasts on Citizen Science observations from the Arctic with Hearts In The Ice will be collaborated with Polar Latitudes’ onboard Citizen Science Program.

In a world where global communications are increasingly critical, only one company connects everyone to the things that matter most, from pole to pole.

Powered by a uniquely sophisticated global constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, the Iridium® network provides high-quality voice and data connections over the planet’s entire surface, including across oceans, airways and polar regions.

Power Controls are experts in offgrid power systems. We design, assemble, install and service turn-key power systems, based on renewable energy (solar & wind) and backup systems (fuel cells and genesis). Our systems have proven reliable and efficient, all over Norway and Svalbard, in the most challenging arctic climate.

We make products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. We do this, so our customers can make the most of the time they spend pursuing their passions.

With more than 11,500 associates in 60 offices around the world, we bring GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. We think every day is an opportunity to innovate, and a chance to beat yesterday.

Natural. Sustainable, Ethical. Icebreaker has maintained its transparency by developing a business based on close, long term relationships. We know exactly where our garments are being made. We do not use agents or outsourcing. We take responsibility for the whole ecosystem.

Hearts In The Ice


   Partners are our foundation.  Thank you to the following pioneers and organizations that have committed to promoting the platform of Hearts In The Ice – Bamsebu 2019 – 2020. Together we are stronger!


Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is a ground-breaking leadership initiative, set against the backdrop of Antarctica, which aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in making decisions that shape our planet. A global network of 1000 women in STEMM to influence policy and decision


Jaime Nack

Founder of the Women in Green Forum- the premier conference series highlighting women’s impact on the environmental industry. Jamie  works closely with Al Gore on the Climate Reality Project.


Jaime Nack on Facebook

1 Million Women

Women and girls building a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis – they are 383k total and have a campaign to decrease your Carbon Footprint.


World Ocean Observatory

The leading organization advocating for the health and sustainability of the ocean through an accessible worldwide network of communication. Committed to building an expansive global community of Citizens of the Ocean to promote and conserve marine resources.


Firbeint Film- Halvor Mykleby

Firbeint Film- Halvor Mykleby

Firbeintfilm on Facebook

Silje Vallestad

Entrepreneur of amongst many – The Future Talks


Tina Kulow

Director Corporate Communication- manages communication in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux/Nordics.

Tina Kulow on Facebook

Maria Castillo

Maria Castillo is a young environmental scientist researcher and social entrepreneur.

Received awards for sustainability efforts and initiatives.

Maria Castillo on Facebook

Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner August 11, 1993 is an American actress, singer, dancer and model.

Prince EA

Richard Williams.  Speaker, filmmaker and activist, hip hop artist, poet.

Prince Ea on Facebook

Gunhild Stordalen

Founder of EAT…

Gunhild Stordalen on Facebook

Eilev Haukass

Head of the conference FurureTalks Oslo – The Future of Everything.

Eilev Haukass on Facebook

Malak Al Akiely

Founding Member of Future Talks, Founder and CEO of Golden Wheat for Grain Trading, Ltd

Malik Al Akiely on Facebook

Norsk PolarInstitutt- Norwegian Polar Institute

Norsk PolarInstitutt- Norwegian Polar Institute Norway’s central governmental institution for scientific research, mapping and environmental monitoring in the Arctic and the Antarctic.


Marième Jamme

Marième Jamme is the founder IAMTHECODE – giving 60.000 girls all over the world education and hope. She is on Kofi Annan’s environmental committee.

Marième Jamme on Facebook

Camilla Hagen Sørli

Founder of Future Talks, works for PRG, a sustainable apparel brand. Owner of CANICA.

Camilla on Facebook

O'Keeffe Consulting

O’Keeffe Consulting provided this website.  OKC provides business consulting for those who wish to define their goals and grow their business in alignment with values that go beyond the expected.


The Pulitzer Center

An American news media organization that sponsors independent reporting on global issues that other media outlets are less willing or able to undertake on their own.


Artic Light Films

Founded and run by Asgeir Helgestad, Artic Light produces wildlife documentaries, commercials and pictures to a wide range of customers – from the web to big screens and prints.


Kyle Schember, Joe Lombardi, Ryan Suit

Subtractive Film team from LA.


Karen Lorre

American Actress


Martine Kveim

Founder of climate action company CHOOOSE

Martine Kveim on Facebook

Katharina Borchers

Previous CEO for the magazine Spiegel, now Chief Open Innovation Officer at Mozilla.

Katharina Borchers on Facebook

Rolf Winters

Filmmaker. Producer of the Film” Down to Earth

Rolf Winters

Dilek Ayhan

State Secretary at the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

Dilek Ayhan on Facebook

Carina Vinberg

Owner of Framgångare, a company that uses the latest research on brain and body to train leaders and individuals to elevate their skills to achieve their ultimate success, power and balance.


Hearts In The Ice

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We all have the power to make a difference.  From small changes we make in our way of life at home, to putting the momentum of our organizations towards broader solutions.  No single contribution will change things, and also no single contribution is trivial.  Together, we can make a difference.

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